What is an Umbrella Company?

An Umbrella Company acts as an intermediary between a Worker and a Client wanting to engage them. Rota Umbrella specialises in providing an Employment and Payroll service, which enables Clients to engage the Personal Assistants of their choice without the responsibilities of becoming employers.

Why should Clients use an Umbrella Company?

By working with Rota Umbrella the Client avoids the responsibility of being an Employer re:

  • PAYE operation

    As an employer, you normally have to operate PAYE as part of your payroll, but working with Rota Umbrella will avoid this responsibility.

  • Employer Liability insurance

    No need to cover yourself for Employer Liability for your P.A.

  • Redundancy costs

    Employees are normally entitled to statutory redundancy pay if they’ve been working for you for two years or more, but with Rota Umbrella this potential headache no longer applies.

  • Employment legislation

    Employment legislation has a direct effect on the engagement of your P.A., but Rota Umbrella takes care of this for you.

  • And offers lower overall staffing cost

    There is no additional cost over and above the agreed gross payment to the P.A.; our margin is obtained by arranging payments in a tax efficient but HMRC compliant manner.

Why should Personal Assistants use an Umbrella Company?

By working with Rota Umbrella the Personal Assistant benefits from:

  • Higher net income than if employed

    Rota Umbrella can arrange payments so that the P.A. receives more, by up to over £100 per week compared to employment under PAYE.

  • Higher net income than if Self-Employed

    Paying Tax/NIC as self-employed reduces income, but with Rota Umbrella you won’t need to put aside money for tax.

  • No need for any admin-type work

    Rota Umbrella sorts out all the admin-type work for you, leaving you with more time to do what you do best!

  • No contact required with HMRC

    Rota Umbrella will liaise with HMRC for you, so there’s no need to waste time contacting HMRC for your UTR number, or completing a Tax Return at the end of each tax year.

  • No requirement to arrange Liability Insurance

    No need to take out Liability Insurance to cover your work for Clients as Rota Umbrella takes care of this.

Who could benefit from Rota Umbrella’s service?

Both Service Users and P.A.s where payment of over £400 per week is being made. All taxation and employment matters are taken care of for both parties. We make our margin from the overall savings made.

Step-by-step guide

Rota Umbrella makes using this service as easy as possible…

  • Contractual arrangements

    Client and P.A. agree contractual arrangements between themselves.

  • Create contract summary form.

    Client creates and signs a contract summary form.

  • Complete contract summary form.

    P.A. completes, signs and submits contract summary, income assignment and personal details.

  • Weekly income declared.

    P.A. advises any change in weekly amount to invoice.

  • Client receives invoice.

    Rota Umbrella sends weekly invoices to Client.

  • Client pays invoice.

    Client sends money to Rota Umbrella bank.

  • Rota Umbrella pays P.A.

    Rota Umbrella makes payment to P.A. immediately upon receipt of funds.

  • Rota Umbrella issues documents.

    Rota Umbrella sends documentation supporting payment to P.A.