Information for Clients

Why should Clients use an Umbrella Company?

We provide an overall Employment and Payroll service so that you can easily engage the Personal Assistant of your choice without having to concern yourself with employment formalities.

What we do:

We employ the Personal Assistant and send you a weekly invoice so you are free of:

  • PAYE scheme operation.
  • Contract of Employment.
  • Payroll calculations.
  • Pension scheme administration.
  • Employer Liability Insurance.

How this helps you?

  • No responsibility for deciding Employment Status of P.A.
  • You are not an Employer - you just pay an invoice.
  • No tiresome contact with HMRC or PAYE scheme to set up.
  • Save on Employers Liability insurance.
  • No payroll administration costs – maybe £30 per month.
  • No Workplace Pension contributions - average £99 per month.
  • Save Employer’s NIC – average £98 per week.

What we don’t do:

  • Introduce Personal Assistants.
  • Take responsibility for their work for you.
  • Take references from previous employers etc.
  • Carry out DBS Checks.
  • Accept responsibility for their conduct.

How much will this cost?

  • There is no charge to Clients.
  • We deduct our margin from payments to Personal Assistants.