Information for Personal Assistants

Why should Personal Assistants use an Umbrella Company?

We provide an overall Employment and Taxation facility so that you can easily work for Clients and earn as much as possible, without having to concern yourself with taxation formalities.

What we do

We invoice the Client and pay you overall as much as possible.

Using our facility means that you:

  • Will receive more money – after Tax and NIC - than if Self-Employed.
  • Will receive more money than if Employed direct by the Client.
  • Don’t need UTR number or to register for Self-Employment with HMRC.
  • Won’t need to arrange Public Liability Insurance.

How we can pay more than if Self-Employed:

  • Income is assigned between separate companies.
  • The assignment is used to create savings in Income Tax / NIC.
  • These savings are passed on to you.
  • We ensure you have the correct Tax Code – to pay the right Tax.

How much will you get?

  • Use the Ready Reckoner on this page to calculate your expected overall net income.

  • The exact amount may be higher depending on:

    • Income already received in the Tax Year - from April 6th.
    • How much Tax you have paid in the Tax Year.
  • We pay as much as possible depending on your circumstances.

How much will this cost?

The amount paid is after deducting a weekly margin of £20 to cover:

  • Liability Insurance.
  • Taxation service as required for HMRC compliance.
  • The administration of our service.